How to Set Up Automatic Facebook Ads *NEW FEATURE*

How to set up Facebook's New Automatic Ads

Facebook Marketer’s worst nightmare has arrived!

Facebook has launched “automatic” ads that optimize over time, with just adding a few simple images to start as well as a brief questionnaire. Terrible news for Facebook marketers, wonderful news for you.

For more advanced campaigns, experts will still be needed to help navigate the ever changing social landscape – but for small shops with small budgets, it’s a great entry level feature that performs better than the popular “boost” option most SMBs utilize.


Create Automated Ads

To create Automated Ads:

  1. Go to your Facebook Page.
  2. Select Promote. You can find it in the bottom-left corner of your Page.
  3. Select Get Started With Automated Ads.
  4. Select Get Started.
  5. Give us details about your business and customers by answering the questions that appear in the quiz.
  6. Select Next after each question until you reach the Choose Your Plan section. We’ll provide a recommended plan, but you may also see an alternative option. Select the plan you’d prefer.
  7. Fill in the details of your Automated Ads, including: 
    • Ad Creative: Provide an image, headline and text for your ad. We may suggest some of these details with information from your Page. You can create up to 6 versions of your ad. Note: Depending on your plan, you may also be able to select a call-to-action button, provide a URL or create a form to request leads.
    • Audience: Choose a recommended audience or create a new audience based on specific traits. We may also provide an automatic audience option that is customized to your business. Facebook creates and improves your automatic audience from a combination of details, like people near your business location or people who have interests related to your Page.
    • Daily Budget: We’ll recommend a budget most likely to get you results based on your plan, but you can also provide a custom budget.
    • Payment Method: Review your payment method. If you need to, you can change or update your payment method.

    Note: Automated Ads run continuously to learn what performs better for your plan. You won’t be able to set an end date, but you can pause or delete your Automated Ads at any time. 

  8. When you’re done, select Promote.

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