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Get the premium high-value case leads you want, and only pay per qualified lead with our exclusive agency partnership with AcquireCrowd.

Practice law, not marketing.

Run your best law firm with internet marketing services that help you stand out in a crowded market, and let us focus on driving in qualified leads that close. Get higher value cases with targeted keyword purchases. Know what's working, and why. Let our 100% locally based Newport Beach, California team of marketing experts worry about Google, AI, Meta, X and whatever comes next. So you can stay focused on what's important, winning.

Get more of the high-value cases you want.

Now available as pay per lead, through our exclusive agency partnership with AcquireCrowd.

Get more of the cases you want asking exclusively for your law firm by name. At algorithm agency, we take time to listen to the types of cases you are interested in - and then create a tailored marketing strategy to Deliver you FIRST TOUCH QUALIFIED LAW FIRM LEADS.

Internet marketing services for law firms, guaranteed by Google.

Lawyers we help:

It's not magic, it's internet marketing. And we've done millions of it.

Run your best law firm.

Get internet marketing services that work together to drive more leads, customers, and revenue to your law firm. Guaranteed.

Drive in Leads with Google + Bing Ads

Google Ads + Microsoft Bing Ads, Google Local Service Ads, Display Retargeting, YouTube Video Ads.

Gain Awareness with Paid Social Ads

Meta, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, SnapChat, BeReal, and the next big thing.

Show Up Online Locally with SEO

Feed the crawling Google spiders long tail keywords, backlinks, snippets, and Google My Business optimizations.

Track Qualified Leads with Call Tracking

Qualified Lead Generation through Dynamic Number Insertion on CallRail, CallSource, CallTrackingMetrics and more.

Look Sharp with Graphic Design

Graphic Design + Direct Response Copywriters at the ready.

Tell Your Story with Photo + Video

We have own local in-house film team.

Stay Cutting Edge with the Latest AI

We leverage ChatGPT, Jasper, and automation software like Zapier, and CRM like ActiveCampaign + ServiceTitan.

Get Landing Pages that Convert

Our USA based web developers offer fully custom, WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, GoDaddy, ClickFunnels solutions.

Fully Transparent Reporting Dashboard

Know your cost per qualified lead in real time with your own fully transparent reporting dashboard.

plus we've spent millions in traditional advertising. So when you're ready for mass market media buys, we've got you covered.


TV Commercial Creation, Media Planning, Media Buying and OTT digital integrations


Radio Commercial Creation, Media Planning + Media Buying


(OOH) Freeway Billboards, Busses, Transit Shelters, Premier Posters


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Strategic brand films in every industry.

Our in-house agency film team has shot hundreds of brand films, flying all over the country to shoot custom brand films for your business. Custom videos on your landing pages are proven to lower your cost per qualified lead.



Our full service team of digital creatives and strategists work with you to develop and implement results-driven campaigns powered by storytelling.

Who we are, by the #s

Based in the sand of Newport Beach California, our local team of creatives and strategists really do love our jobs.

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Our philosophy

Work smart. Be good to people. Track real results. And be honest if something isn't working.

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How we work

We shoot high production video + photo, and build highly technical digital campaigns to drive in real trackable results with an irresistible offer.

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The Talent behind the screens

Meet the team.

Our promise.

an industry disrupting guarantee

When you are driven by real trackable results, clients tend to stay. But we know trusting someone new is tough. So enjoy our industry disrupting guarantee. If you don't make money, we don't make money. Period.

Tell your current agency that (and watch them squirm).

Daniel Mickelson, Agency founder


We've helped over 60 clients in 15 different industries (and counting).

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