Honor kitchen & Cocktails – CASE STUDy

Tasty Gastropub, Zero Marketing Presence

The pain.

Honor Kitchen & Cocktails was the Bay Area’s favorite hidden gem. Unfortunately, a little too hidden.

To stay alive, Honor needed to reach locals – in a fun and on-brand way. This included a full website refresh, strategic brand video, guerilla outreach, and yes – even a marquee sign..

The strategy.

Even though the pain point was awareness, to stay in-line with the anti-corporate brand, we needed to do it just right. With tiny gold trophies, slick digital presence, killer food, and of course free beer. 

strategic brand videos

First up, refreshing the brand. Our agency videographer shot videos and photos with a mouthwatering look + feel.

New Website

Next up, building that into a new website perfect for seducing the local foodies right into our intentionally moody ambience.


After conversations with locals, specifically the apartment building across the street that didn’t know we existed. We went big. 

The results.

Locals aplenty. And a 3 deep bar.

Our favorite part was wheeling over 500 plastic gold trophies to the literal doorsteps of the local apartment complex residents across the street (each trophy came with a branded glass Honor mug and menu). Then the property owners emailed their entire residence inviting everyone in to redeem their gold trophy across the street at the hidden gastropub – which obviously – was a slamming success.

gold trophies to locals
average cost per impression
increase in weekly sales

Pretty sweet, right?