Luxury yachts, google ads + fierce competition

The pain.

Pacific Avalon Yacht Charters needed leads. Badly. Like yesterday.

After 37 years in business, the landscape of Newport Beach had changed drastically. Increased competition, new government regulations eating up profit margins, and a near complete lack of digital presence forced the business to invest in themselves – or die.

The strategy.

Even though the pain point was leads, you can’t just run a few ads like the old days and sweep up the cash. Consumers are complicated. To do it right, you need to craft a customer journey – and help them not fall out of your sales funnel along the way. 

strategic brand videos

First up, refreshing the brand. Our agency videographer shot videos and photos with a modern look + feel.

New Website

Next up, building that fresh creative into a new website optimized for conversions and tracking necessary for killer ROAS.

Google Ads + Social retargeting

Then after deep competitor research, we crafted high performance Google Ads with a budget of $10,000 a month (plus social retargeting). 

The results.

Leads. And leads. And more leads. So many leads that over the next year we helped them hire 2 new Sales Managers.

For every $93 our team put in our marketing machine, out popped a lead worth $10,000. It was a literal cash machine.

new leads
average cost per acquisition
cold hard cash

And the best part? Those are just tracked conversions! We aren’t even counting call-in leads, or other web leads in that total or it would be: 

total lead forms submitted

Pretty sweet, right?