Lake Chalet Seafood Bar & Grill stole the headlines when the NBA Golden State Warriors won their historic 73 wins. The day of the final game of the NBA season, Algorithm proposed that if, and only if, the Oakland Warriors win that night (their 73rd win) then Lake Chalet will offer .73 cent handcrafted ales (regularly $8) for the full next day while supplies last. Algorithm prepared a rapid press release, sent out to our PR partners to push out to journalists, timed email blasts to 50,000 Guests to send right at the buzzer of the game saying announcing the special offer, coordinated extra kegs to be available for the restaurant to stay stocked up, coordinated additional staff and security.

The result was that Lake Chalet and the Golden State Warriors shared all the headlines on Fox News, ABC, all Bay Area news agencies in print/digital/radio, Facebook event groups had thousands of impressions, with a media spend estimated value of hundreds of thousands. 2500 pints sold, zero complaints. And even with the hefty comp on the beer, it only cost the restaurant .22 cents to make a pint and we charged .73. Algorithm closely integrated the Lake Chalet brand over several years to help make the partnership feel organic, which led to the Golden State Warriors buying out the venue for special events multiple times and ESPN to film live in the dining room.