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of a Marketer.

Read on for expert secrets and dirty industry tricks revealed.

Dan here, founder of Algorithm Agency.

Advertising agencies, especially for SMB clients, have a pretty bad reputation - and for good reason.

I can't tell you how many small business owners have been tricked, hoodwinked or straight up lied to by industry professionals out for a quick buck.

So without further ado - my first confession of a marketer.

#1. Most agencies will just take your money.

While this shouldn't come as a shock, it's absolutely worth noting. They may be good intentioned, which is almost worse. 

For example: you might be speaking with an agency that specializes in Website Development. Not the worst thing in the world. They probably specialize in them if that is all they make, which can be great. But what I've seen time and time again is unknowing business owners with wishful thinking drop $10,000 on a shiny new website... that no one will ever see. 

Why build a beautiful website, if you have no one to see it? 

Marketers do this ALL THE TIME. 

They build you one piece of the puzzle. 

Often exactly what you asked for. 

But in reality, it is a huge disservice. And we marketers get paid, and you get stuck out in the cold without the cash register ringing.

My confession to you is that we did this, unknowingly, for years.

We would fulfill your exact request. We would do one-off projects without attention to detail on the other parts of your business.

You left happy.

We left happy.

Then your business failed, and we got paid.

Well, today - it stops.

Today, we provide a totally free high-level brand workshop with our real agency founder with experience building over 30 brands (still Dan here) to map you a wholistic marketing battle plan that will drive real, trackable results.

From there, you can either do it yourself - or hire us to help.

But my conscience will be clear.

And you will have full access to free DIY resources, a digital marketing plan, and (client by client) myself and my team will repair the reputation of marketers in our industry. 

By leading by example, and making real change.


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