Our local team

Smart. Creative. Digital.

Daniel Mickelson

founder + chief strategist

Experience marketing over 60 brands in 15 different industries, driving over 70 million in sales – with years spent client-side as a Director of Marketing. He holds a degree in marketing, and studied abroad at Oxford. Daniel spent a year on the National Accounts team for Kia Motors America pushing Super Bowl commercials at LA creative agency David & Goliath. Daniel has been a guest speaker for Facebook, Comcast + others.

Kyle Lemburg


Our agency drone pilot, Kyle has personally shot over 300 strategic brand films in 15 industries. His love of storytelling digs deep to tell your brand’s unique story to your avatar. In addition to nearly 10 years in film, he has a passion for landscape and street photography (with over $30,000 in video and photo gear to prove it). Oh but be careful with your client feedback, he knows Krav Maga.

Krista Lichtner

Senior Marketing Manager

Krista makes sure someone actually does the work around here.

With 7 years experience at fashion brand Brandy Melville, a marketing degree in-hand, and a hawkish attention to detail – rest assured your deliverable timelines will be met, and your daily projects are in good hands. Oh she’s also insta famous, with over 100k followers. nbd

Gabrielle Gerbus

Brand strategist

With experience on brands like Apple and other top level Fortune 500 companies, Gabrielle brings a unique view on brand marketing surely to add to your overall market positioning.

She has a passion for getting to the core of brand messaging, to tell a story worth telling. 

Samantha O'leary

marketing manager

With experience in fashion management, Samantha is a logistics queen. Agency project workflow is a piece of cake after 8 years as a corporate operator. In her spare time she owns and operates a swimsuit label, ain’t no thang.

Ali Tzikas

marketing coordinator

Doer of all things big and small, Ali gets a chance to wear all the hats in our nimble digital agency as she learns the ropes while in college. Watch for her on the big screen too, she acts in Hollywood and writes full screenplays on the weekends. 

Rene Habenicht

marketing coordinator

Jake is one of our best people. Like the rest of the team, anything you need, he can do. 

Sofia Schaefer

marketing Manager

Sofia can do it all! She is task oriented and determined to have great connections with all the clients she works with. 

Krystal Stading

marketing coordinator

Krystal is one of our best. I know I say that about everyone, but I mean it. She never fails to tackle any project Danny throws at her. Look at how precious her dog is too.

Hunter Schultz

graphic design

Hunter is based locally in Huntington Beach, California. And he spends hours hand sketching all of his designs. There is no one who is more insanely attentive to small details.

Aynsley Ramsaur

marketing coordinator

Aynsley started as an intern at Algorithm while she is in college. She is a psychology major looking to apply those skills to Marketing!

Tiffany Mcneil Cruz

marketing coordinator

Tiffany has experience marketing e-commerce, and holds certifications in Google Ads Facebook, and more. She is highly specialized in generating revenue for businesses both online as well as brick and mortar.

Ava Cream

marketing coordinator

Ava has a love of photography, and a graphic designer’s attention to detail.

Leila Zahedi

marketing coordinator

Leila, our resident social media influencer, graduated from our internship program and works remote from New York while in school. She’s the best of the best!


Our digital team

The best in the world.

Brian Hurst

Full stack web dev

Fluent in WordPress, HTML5, CSS/SASS, JavaScript/TypeScript, PHP and more – Brian is a nationally recognized web developer. He’s especially good when it comes to squishing bugs and building beautiful UX + UI. Brian offers deep experience in web dev solutions, and we are lucky to have him on the team. Based in New York City.

John Carlo

Graphic Design

Fluent in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, and more, John Carlo is an absolutely essential piece of our marketing services here at Algorithm Agency. Based in the Philippines.

Waseem Nazir


Waseem has been with Algorithm for over 7 years. With experience at over 20 PPC firms globally, he picks and chooses the top performing strategies to drive real results in your PPC campaigns. Based in Canada.

Joseph Karam


A legacy agency partner, Joseph provides on-demand strategy with experience on brands like Panasonic, business start-up accelerators like SEED SPOT, and more. Based in Southern California.